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SeaVee Boats is a boat manufacturer focused on serious fishing vessels out of Miami. They are a higher tier boat and command prices as such. All SeaVee offshore fishing boats have a 25 degree deadrise and range in size from 29 ft to 43 ft. SeaVee also recently introduced a bay boat with a shallower draft and less extreme deadrise.

Although over time, Contender and SeaVee have developed unique features, they are generally considered to be very similar in both hull design and features. There is a lot of "dockside chatter" around the similarities of the companies, however, no confirmed information. One theory is that Joe Neber, Owner of Contender, had hulls built by SeaVee in the early days. Another is that Joe Neber, worked for SeaVee in the early 1980's.[1] What is certain is that the SeaVee, Contender, and many other hulls are descendants of the Formula 233 which may be the only explanation for their similarities.


SeaVee was originally founded in 1974 by Miami native Captain Don McGee. Ariel Pared, Ralph Torres and Moises Rodriguez purchased SeaVee boats in 1993 and began to expand the line.[2]


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