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Rode, or anchor rode, refers to the rope, chain, or combination of the two that connects your boat to your anchor.

Type of rode[edit]

All nylon rode[edit]

Small boats often use anchor rodes made entirely of three-strand nylon because they are lightweight, inexpensive and, for boats without a windlass or anchor well, easier to stow than rodes with chain. Although all-nylon anchor rodes can be quite strong, they lack the chafe resistance of rodes with chain and are therefore not appropriate for extended use or for use in rough weather. They also make it more difficult to set an anchor. If you have issues setting an anchor, often times, it can be because you have too little weight at the end of the shank of the anchor. Chain helps this so an all nylon rode can leave a lot to be desired for your primary anchor. As the rode for a lunch hook or spare anchor, however, an all-nylon rode functions quite well.

Rope and chain rode[edit]

All chain rode[edit]