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A bilge pump is one of the the most crucial parts on your boat. The bilge pump pumps water from the bilge and back out into the body of water. Virtually all boats end up with unwanted water in the bilge, which must be removed. Water gets in from a propeller shaft packing gland, a leaky portlight, leaky seams in a wood boat, melting ice from the icebox and a multitude of other sources.

Leaving large amounts of water in the bilge can have several undesirable effects on your boat, including destabilizing it, lifting spilled fuel and distributing it throughout the bilge (where it can attack, among other things, the insulation on electrical wiring) and promoting the development of osmotic blisters in fiberglass hulls. It also can cause the boat to founder and sink. Getting this water (we call it nuisance water) out of your boat is the primary function of a bilge pump.[1]

Types of bilge pumps[edit]

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Selecting a bilge pump[edit]


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