Suzuki DF200, DF225, DF250 200 Hour & Annual Service Guide

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This 200 hour/annual service is largely based on the official 2004-2011 Suzuki V6 Service Manual with a few added steps from helpful people along the way.[1]

Periodic Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance intervals should be judged by number of hours or months, whichever comes first.

Item to be serviced Initial 20 hrs. or 1 month Every 50 hrs. or 3 months Every 100 hrs. or 6 months Every 200 hrs. or 12 months
Spark plug - - I R
Fuel line I I I I
Replace every 2 years.
PCV System I I I I
Replace every 2 years.
Engine oil R - R R
Gear oil R - R R
Lubrication - I I I
Anodes & Bonding wires - I I I
Battery - I I I
Fuel mixture check (O2 feedback) Perform every 2 years.
Engine oil filter R - - R
Low pressure fuel filter - I I I
Replace every 400 hours or 2 years.
Low pressure fuel pump filter Replace every 1000 hours.
High pressure fuel filter Replace every 1000 hours.
Ignition timing - - - I
Idle speed I - - I
Tappet clearance I - - I
Water pump - - - I
Water pump impeller - - - R
Propeller nut & pin I - I I
Bolt & Nuts T - T T
Thermostats** - - - R

I: Inspect and clean, adjust, lubricate, or replace if necessary T: Tighten R: Replace

**: Not in official owners manual, but recommended by service techs

Parts List

Quantity Official Part # Description Avg. Cost Link to purchase
8.7 quarts per motor none 4-stroke motor oil; API classification: SE, SF, SG, SH, SJ; Viscosity rating: SAE 10W-40 $13-17/qt Link to purchase
1 per motor Pre-2007: 16510-93J00, Ask parts store for other years Oil filter $12-14 Link to purchase
37.2 quarts per motor none Suzuki outboard motor gear oil OR SAE #90 Hypoid Gear Oild $7-10/qt Link to purchase
1 tube 99000-25160 Suzuki water resistance grease (or other high quality water resistant and high temp grease) $8/3 tubes Link to purchase
1 tube - Moly Extreme Pressure Grease $15 Link to purchase
6 per motor NGK BKR6E Spark plugs $9/pack of 4 Link to purchase
1 tube 99000-31120 RTV Silicone Sealant (black or clear) $7-8 Link to purchase
1 per motor 17400-93J01 (check with parts store) Suzuki water pump/impeller kit $  ?
7 per motor 55321-87J00 Zinc Anodes $  ?
7 per motor 09280-22019 Zinc O-ring holders $  ?
1 per motor 15412-93J00 Low pressure fuel filter $  ?
2 per motor  ? Thermostat $40-45  ? [2]

Tools List

Official Part # Description Avg. Cost Link to purchase
09915-47341 Oil filter wrench. Most variable oil filter wrenches will work. No need for official tool $10-12  ?
none Grease gun with flexible hose $24-26 Link to purchase
09900-20803 Spark plug gapper $5-8 Link to purchase
- Torque wrench $30-$35 Link to purchase
- Socket set and ratchet (mm) $40-45 Link to purchase
- Sparkplug socket (5/8") $10 Link to purchase
- Flathead and Phillips Screwdrivers $10-15 Link to purchase
- Gasket scraper $7 Link to purchase


Engine Oil Change/Engine Oil Filter Replacement

  • Engine oil should be changed while engine is warm.
  • When replacing engine oil filter, change engine oil at the same time
  1. Place outboard motor upright on a level surface.
  2. Remove oil filler cap.
  3. Place a container under engine oil drain plug. (It's very helpful if you also have a piece of cardboard ready to act as a spout underneath the oil drain plug as the draining begins to slow so it doesn't run down the side of the cowling. Just curl it a bit and wedge it between the spout and the cowling as the oil pouring out begins to slow.)
  4. Remove engine oil drain plug and gasket to drain engine oil.
    1. Place a shop cloth under oil filter before removal to absorb any oil released.
    2. Using oil filter wrench to loosen the oil filter, then remove filter and O-ring.
    3. Before fitting new oil filter, be sure to oil O-ring.
    4. Screw new filter on by hand until filter O-ring contacts the mounting surface.
    5. Tighten filter 3/4 turn from point of contact with mounting surface or about as tight as you can tighten it with your hands only (do not use oil filter wrench)
  6. Install new gasket and oil drain plug. Tighten engine oil drain plug to specified torque: 9.5 lb-ft (13 N·m, 1.3 kg-m)
  7. Pour recommended engine oil into oil filler opening, then install oil filler cap. 8.7 qts (8.2 L)
  8. To reset oil change reminder system’s operation time to zero (cancellation)
    1. Turn ignition key to “ON” position.
    2. Pull out emergency stop switch plate
    3. Pull up emergency stop switch knob three times in ten seconds. A short beep will be heard if cancellation is successfully finished.
    4. Turn ignition key to “OFF” position, then set emergency stop switch plate 1 in original position.
    5. Start engine and allow it to run for several minutes at idle speed. Check oil filter for oil leakage. Turn off engine and wait for approx. two minutes, then recheck engine oil level.

Gear oil change

  1. Remove cotter pin (1) from propeller nut and remove propeller nut (2). To prevent injury from propeller blades, wear gloves and place a block of wood between the anti-cavitation plate and the propeller blade tips to lock the propeller in place before attempting to remove propeller nut.
  2. Remove washer (3), spacer (4), propeller (5) and stopper (6) from the propeller shaft.
  3. Place outboard motor upright on a level surface.
  4. Place a container under the lower unit
  5. Remove lower gear oil drain plug first, then remove gear oil level plug and drain gear oil. The are large flathead plugs that are flush with the lower unit and marked with the words "OIL" and "OIL LEVEL"
    • NOTE: While you have the propeller removed and oil drained, it is a great opportunity to perform the impeller replacement as well.
  6. Fill with recommended gear oil through oil drain hole until oil just starts to flow out from oil level hole.
    • Gear oil: Suzuki Outboard Gear Oil or SAE #90 Hypoid Gear Oil
    • Amount: 37.2 oz ( 1100 ml)
  7. Install oil level plug with a new gasket before removing oil filler tube from drain hole.
  8. Install oil drain plug with a new gasket.

Do not use gaskets more than once

Impeller Replacement


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  2. [1], The Hull Truth, How to 200 Service