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Regulator Marine is a boat builder and manufacturer with headquarters and facilities in North Carolina. They traditionally have the reputation of being well-built offshore fishing vessels -- all center consoles. [1] They pride themselves on have having very fine fit and finish and an excellent ride in rough seas with a Deep-V - 24 degree deadrise. They currently offer boats ranging in sizes from 23 feet to 41 feet.[2]


Regulator's lineup consists solely of center consoles. As mentioned, they all have a deep-vee with 24 degrees of deadrise at the transom and a large bow flare to aid in a dry ride in rough seas. They are a heavier boat than some of their competitors, however, everything on a boat is a compromise. With a heavier boat you compromise a bit of fuel economy for an increased ride quality. Regulator's hull was designed by renowned Naval Architect Lou Codega.

Manufacturing process

All molds are waxed and inspected before entering the lamination area, then the mold is masked for the two colors of gelcoating. The white bottom gelcoat is applied with optimum thickness that assures a long-lasting gloss finish - even in harsh marine environments. While the gelcoat is pliable, the masking is removed. After the masking is removed, the mold is again inspected and prepared. The color gelcoat on the hull sides is then applied to the same high quality and optimum thickness of the hull. During the gelcoat process, mil gauges are used to assure thickness and consistency.

To further enhance the durability and beauty of the gelcoat, a layer of vinyl ester barrier coat is applied next. Following the application, a highly-controlled mix of chopped strand mat and resin is sprayed onto the hull. The lamination team ensures there are no inconsistencies or air pockets.

Next, Trevira stop print is laid on the hull sides for a superior cosmetic finish. Then, multiple layers of chopped strand mat, topped by 36-ounce bi-axial knitted fiberglass cloth, is laid into the hull. This process is repeated over multiple layers and includes the application of core to the hull sides for additional stiffness. During the lamination process, strakes are filled with poly-bond material and individually glassed in. This strengthens the strakes to the hull.[3]


Regulator Marine was founded in 1988.


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