Pre-launch checklist

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Before launching your boat from a trailer, there are several items that you should take care of both for the ease of launching your boat as well as the safety of the vessel and yourself.

Before heading to the loading area

1. Perform mechanical checks, primarily oil level

At the staging area

1. Load everything from your vehicle to your vessel that you'll be taking with you. Do not spend more time on the ramp or at the ramp's dock than is needed to get the boat off the trailer, vehicle and trailer parked, and you onboard the vessel.

2. Put the bilge drain plug in

3. Turn on your batteries

4. Lower your motors as low as they can safely be lowered taking into consideration the angle of the ramp and depth of water

5. VHF radio check

6. Make sure you have all of your safety items on the boat

7. Unplug electric trailer connection

Once in the water

1. Undo the safety chains connecting trailer and boat

2. Undo the winch which connects the trailer and the boat

3. Push or drive boat off (depending on your confidence and experience level)

4. Make sure boat is completely off with nothing connecting it to trailer or truck.

5. Tie boat to dock

6. Park trailer